We are so excited that you are committing to ongoing learning with us! So often parents' and kids' anxiety can cycle together - our kids' worries can increase our anxiety and our anxiety can increases our kids' anxiety; this bundle helps you interrupt this unhelpful cycle! This bundle is the antidote to family-system-anxiety, as it gives you skills to change your own relationship with anxiety and help your kids learn effective coping strategies for their anxieties right from the start. The Managing Stress and Anxiety Workshops focuses on building your coping skills; the Anxiety in Kids Workshop will empower you to help your kids learn to better manage worries, hesitation, separation, and fears; the Sleep Workshop helps you understand sleep struggles through the lens of anxiety and attachment and gives you strategies to empower your child to feel more comfortable with independent sleep. This bundle offers you all three workshops - and recordings - at a discounted price.

To be clear, purchasing a workshop bundle does not initiate any type of therapeutic relationship with Dr. Becky. These one-time coaching workshops are not therapy and do not replace therapy.