Before purchasing this single workshop, check out the bundle of Deeply Feeling Kids 1 and 2, which includes this workshop and the follow up DFK-2 workshop at a discounted price.

This workshop is for you if any of these feel true:

  • You have a child who gets dysregulated (upset, angry, reactive) easily and quickly and whose escalations last long time
  • You have a child where typical "name the feeling" strategies not only don't help but can make things worse ("Stop it!")
  • Your child struggles to take in help when he most needs it - in fact, in times of struggle, your child tends to push away your efforts to connect or offer support
  • You are looking for more strategies to help your child learn regulation skills
  • You have used words like "dramatic" or "drama queen" or "overly sensitive" or "disproportionate" with your child and want a more positive and effective way forward
  • You are looking to reconnect to a child who can often "dig himself in a hole"

In this workshop, Dr. Becky discusses:

  • What the characterization "Deeply Feeling Kids" means
  • Why these kids get so dysregulated
  • Why these kids go 0-60 so quickly
  • Why popular parenting strategies don't help - and often make things worse
  • Strategies for managing and reducing meltdowns
  • Strategies for building regulation
  • What these kids need more than anything else
  • How to maintain self-care while parenting Deep Feelers

This 75-minute workshop includes 60 minutes of teaching and a 15-minute Q&A.

To be clear, purchasing a workshop does not initiate any type of therapeutic relationship with Dr. Becky. This one-time coaching workshop is not therapy and does not replace therapy.

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