Learn how to prioritize your needs, reduce resentment, access your self-assurance

This workshop is for you if any of these feel true:

  • You want to work on standing up for yourself
  • It's hard to prioritize your own needs
  • You want to be more self-disciplined
  • You're a recovering people-pleaser
  • You want to set more consistent boundaries with your kids, partner, family
  • You want to feel less resentful

In this workshop, Dr. Becky will help you become a Boundary Pro by giving you strategies for:

  • Clearly communicating what you want
  • Tolerating other people's disappointment
  • Managing your internal conflict and self-doubt around boundaries
  • Fulfilling your needs sooner rather than later
  • Feeling good inside while you prioritize yourself

This is a 75-minute workshop that includes 60 minutes of teaching and 15 minutes of Q and A.

To be clear, purchasing a workshop does not initiate any type of therapeutic relationship with Dr. Becky. This one-time coaching workshop is not therapy and does not replace therapy.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Setting Boundaries, Reducing Parental Rage

    • Outline - Setting Boundaries

    • Workshop - Setting Boundaries