I’m so glad you’re here. Considering one of my deeper-dive workshops tells me that you’re a brave adult wanting to reflect, learn, unlearn, and try new things.

I know I have a ton of content, so let me break it down for you here:

I recommend every parent first check out my Foundations Bundle - the four options here (grouped together at a discount) give you workshops for you, your partnership, and your parenting. I can't recommend this comprehensive bundle more highly. Included in this bundle is my foundational course: Managing Meltdowns and Building Emotion Regulation. This course gives you a framework to understand early childhood and then translate my key ideas into 20+ practical, actionable strategies that you can apply right away. You’ll finish this course feeling equipped, sturdy, and hopeful.

After that, see what fits your needs.

  • Want to feel more equipped to manage sibling rivalry, arguments, jealousy, and competition? Check out my Sibling Workshop to reduce conflict and set the stage for healthy relationships.
  • Does your child escalate quickly, hate “talking about feelings,” and push you away when they struggle the most? Join the thousands of families who have taken Deeply Feeling Kids and report that it has single-handedly changed dynamics with their challenging child.
  • Want to set your child up for long lasting true self-esteem? Rethinking Confidence challenges popular ideas about confidence and gives you a step-by-step guide to building lasting self-worth.
  • Is your child full of anxiety or worry? The Anxiety and Sleep workshops provide concrete, immediately implementable strategies to help your child.
  • Looking for a no-stress, power-struggle-free potty process? My Potty Learning workshop shows you how to empower and not control your child, for short-term and long-term success.

And next, let’s all reflect on ourselves.  The best parents in the world aren’t perfect, but rather are dedicated to self-reflection and self-growth. Reflect on yourself and see what fits your needs.

  • Do you want to stop yelling and get better at asserting your own needs? Are you weighed down by self-criticism? My Reparenting Workshop helps you better understand your triggers and provides actionable strategies to change.
  • Looking to get a better handle on your anxiety and stress so they don’t spill into your family system? My Managing Anxiety and Stress Workshop offers new and effective ways to cope and build internal strength.
  • Do you feel disconnected from your partner, is it hard to talk without arguing, do you feel on different parenting-pages? My Couples Communication Workshop helps you firm up the foundation of your partnership.

Take a deep breath.  I know there’s a lot here (and there’s more! A Course for Parents of Teens and Tweens and also a course about how to prepare your kids for a new baby) … and yet remember, you can go at your own pace. These workshops aren’t meant to be consumed all at once. Parenting is a journey, and our learning is a journey as well.  I’m excited to be on these journeys with you.